Bay Rat Lures was originally established in 2014 by Damian Kuzmin and Scott Borstorff. Their goal was to create high quality fishing tackle that would deliver unparalleled success and endurance.Kuzmin and Borstorff’s relationship began when they co-founded Rapid Mold Solutions Inc. in 1999.RMS is a premier manufacturer of plastic molds and products used by companies such as BMW, John Deere, Caterpillar, and many others.Kuzmin and Borstorff combined their manufacturing knowledge with their love for fishing to develop products for personal use.After winning multiple fishing tournaments using BRL products, it was clear a winning product was ready for distribution.They were quickly able to establish a market in the Great Lakes region with their superior products.

BRL production takes place domestically and “MADE IN THE USA” can be found proudly displayed on every package.Every lure is hand crafted, assembled and finished at our shop here at home in Erie, PA.Our line features products innovated by charter boat captains, competitive fishermen, and other fishing experts.The products are then designed and built by world-class plastic engineers.

Erie was once known as the “Freshwater Fishing Capital of the World” and has been historically recognized for leading the planet in plastic development and manufacturing.We take great pride in our town’s history and look to use this regional reputation to create a strong identity and future success.


Bay Rat Lures and Spoons are currently available in every size, shape, and color to accommodate all species of fish. Custom patterns are painted by hand to emulate a specific bait or attract a desired species. The line consists of over 500 different products across thirteen different models.Each model is given a specific name developed and branded through a unique creative process.

BRL Products contain the following features:

  • Bay Rat Lures are engineered to perform straight from the package, requiring no tuning or adjustments.
  • All products are 100% produced in the USA with industry leading tackle, hooks and finishes.
  • Hydrodynamic shaped lures create consistent and enticing bait movements through the water, at required trolling speeds.
  • A unique hook alignment eliminates tangles and improves hook rate (potentially catching more fish).
  • An integrated diving bill design improves use, wear and longevity.

    The name Bay Rat Lures originated from the term “Bay Rat”.A “Bay Rat” is a name given to people who are obsessed with the water.They may work on ships, boats, docks, or be avid fishermen.We create our products with these type of customers in mind.Are you a Bay Rat?Are you obsessed with fishing? Sign up for our newsletter at the homepage of this website, and welcome to the Rat Pack!